Group houses in Bavaria

Yoga sessions, hiking, surfing or relaxing - there is always something new to discover in Bavaria. The city of Munich is surrounded by unique landscapes and easily accessible offsite locations. We know the best locations for seminars, workshops, workouts or teambuilding near Munich in Bavaria. Here you can not only sit around the campfire with your team, but also work in a concentrated way.


Bavaria: Group houses

Creative Group houses in Bavaria for team offsites, seminars, workshops & conferences.

Our group houses on meetreet offer a combination of accommodation and workspace and stimulate creativity. Fast internet, professional hosts and perfect working conditions are provided. Some also have a sauna, view or large garden.

We recommend group houses to smaller teams who want to work on their team cohesion and prefer a more intimate atmosphere and in some cases do not shy away from self-catering.

A group house often means sharing rooms but also enjoying exclusivity.

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