Meeting visualization

How about an individual, digital and handwritten summary of what was discussed at the event?
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Meeting visualization

How are results recorded sustainably?

Are you planning an important meeting for your company? Have you already thought about the follow-up? Do you want to send the 37 slides shown or umpteen photographed flipcharts that no one will look at in detail or that are difficult to read?

  • Visualized meetings have a more lasting effect and make it easier to translate the results into action.
  • Decisions and results have a more binding effect and are more likely to be implemented.

Instead, how about an individual and handwritten summary of what is discussed? Which is available digitally after the meeting? And with which you can communicate to the rest of the company in a simple and visual way what the meeting was about? 

Our partners capture these essential messages in words and symbols so that they can be remembered afterwards! Everything important on one page. The management summary of the meeting, so to speak.

If desired, a feedback loop can be included. And there is also the possibility to create several visual memos from one day.

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