BrALI CoWorkation Retreats

BrALI's workation designers will design your next team retreat or offsite. Tailor-made, close to nature and sustainable.
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BrALI CoWorkation Retreats

After a free initial consultation, this all-round service includes a need's analysis of how you can get the most out of your get-together. 

The subsequent tailor-made concept includes suitable locations as well as building blocks in the areas of team building, resilience and further training in future work skills.

In addition to its own event, tourism and agility expertise, BrALI has a broad network of natural workstation locations, local partners and coaches and pays attention to sustainability aspects in the selection and implementation. 

BrALI's portfolio also includes its own workshop formats as well as on-site implementation, support and facilitation. Especially recommended for remote or hybrid teams as well as for the onboarding of newly formed teams. 

BrALI brings you together and sustainably moves you forward.

People & Places
Die Arbeit im Team beginnt beim einzelnen Menschen. Hier setzen wir an und machen euch fit & resilient für die Zukunft.
Gemeinsam mit euch entwicklen wir ein maßgeschneidertes Programm. So kommt ihr zusammen & nachhaltig voran.
Sozial, Ökologisch & Ökonomisch
Menschenzentrierte Konzepte für starke Teams & Unternehmen. CO2-schonende Erreichbarkeit und regional/ saisonale Verpflegung. Nachhaltiger wirtschaftlicher Erfolg und regionale Wertschöpfung.
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