Teamhouses in Baltic sea

The picturesque coastal towns and the fascinating Baltic Sea landscape create inspiring backdrops for team offsites.

Companies can benefit from the maritime atmosphere, for example through sailing tours or beach volleyball, ideal for seminars, workshops or meetings in the Baltic Sea region.

From a business perspective, the region is characterized by its strengths in tourism, maritime economy and renewable energies, perfect for on-site business events.

Exciting tourist destinations include the islands of Rügen and Usedom, ideal locations for team activities and business meetings. The Baltic Sea region offers an ideal mix of coastal charm, nature and economic potential for successful team offsites and business events on site!

Baltic sea

Baltic sea: Teamhouses

Creative Teamhouses in Baltic sea for team offsites, seminars, workshops & conferences.

Your Guide to Booking a Group House as a team

Are you a small team or planning an event with a group? Then you need the perfect location and should book a group house. An inspiring environment can boost creativity and enhance your event. To help you find the ideal group house and ensure your comfort, we share our experiences from organizing many events and visiting hundreds of group houses across Europe.

Who should book a group house?

Group houses are perfect for smaller teams wanting to strengthen their bond and prefer a cozy atmosphere. Some may not mind self-catering either. Our group houses on meetreet offer a combination of accommodation and workspace that sparks creativity. With high-speed internet, professional hosts, and optimal working conditions, you'll be well-equipped. Some houses even come with a sauna, stunning views, or a large garden. A seminar house can be an alternative.

What is a group house?

A group house is a type of accommodation designed specifically for team events, workshops, and other gatherings. Typically, it consists of large buildings with multiple rooms for meetings and activities. Often, rooms are shared, but you get to enjoy the exclusivity of the entire house. You will have a quiet and productive environment where you can work without outside distractions.

How much does a group house cost?

Group houses are often one of the most cost-effective options for your event. Usually, you rent the entire house for a fixed price. There may be an additional charge depending on the number of people. With the right group size, this can be up to 50% cheaper than comparable offers from conference hotels.

What should I consider when booking a group house?

The group house should ideally be accessible by public transport (bus & train) for sustainable travel. Often, these houses are located in remote areas, so it might be practical to rent a private bus for transportation.

Some group houses offer catering, while others require self-catering. In this case, a kitchen should be available or there should be restaurants/delivery services nearby.

Rooms The number of rooms can be a challenge when selecting a group house. Pay attention to how the rooms are arranged. Perhaps multiple people can share a room with separate beds, increasing your chances of finding a suitable group house.

Hosts Hosts play a significant role in your stay at a group house. Open and courteous communication is crucial for quickly resolving any issues. Pay particular attention to the house's reviews.

Facilities The rooms should be well-equipped. Projector & screen or a large monitor, as well as workshop materials, are essential. You also need ample space and ideally some smaller rooms for breaks and a large room for group activities.

Usage times Many houses are used for both private and event purposes, so make sure to book the arrival and departure day entirely to avoid late arrivals or early departures.

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